Enjoy a Good Night of Rest with 7 Tips for Sleeping Outdoors

Whether you are on a camping trip or just camping in your backyard, while sleeping outdoors, you have a clear view of the stars above. While this is a great way to enjoy stargazing, trying to get to sleep while lying on the ground can be hard. Even if you are in a tent, you may end up with a lumpy surface and find yourself tossing and turning all night. With 7 tips for sleeping outdoors, you will be fast asleep, as soon as you lie down.

Photo Credit : torange.us

Photo Credit : torange.us

#1 – Set up Your Camp near Moving Water

If you are having trouble getting to sleep due to the occasional sound of animals or trees rustling, then set up your camping site near moving water. This could be a nearby stream or river. The relaxing sound of the water moving could help lull you to sleep or drown out other noises that may keep you up. If the moving water does not help, then use ear plugs. Another idea for managing noise is to play music from a phone or radio.

#2 - Place Your Tent on Level Terrain

The selection of a good camping spot is half the battle won when trying to create a comfortable area to get to sleep. You need to set up your tent on level terrain. If you are on a slope, you may find yourself rolling towards one end of the tent constantly or wake up with a sore back.

#3 –Manage the Temperature

Being too cold or too hot can make for an uncomfortable sleeping experience. In most areas, the temperature can drop quite a bit at night. While it could be warm during the day, it might get cold at night.

Prepare for the temperature by bringing appropriate clothing with you. You may need to wear a cap to keep yourself warm or keep your socks on. If it gets too hot, leave the flap of your tent open, if you have mosquito netting that can remain closed around the entrance.

#4 – Use a Tarp

Bring a thick tarp with you, when camping. Place the tarp under your tent. This provides a couple of uses that could help you fall asleep. First, the tarp can help keep your tent dry. During the night, your tent may accumulate extra moisture, especially if it is placed directly on the ground.

Secondly, the tarp could help provide a more comfortable surface. A thick tarp will even out any bumps along the ground and offer a flatter surface for placing your tent.

#5 – Air Your Tent Out

If you are going to be spending more than one night in your tent, air it out during the day. A tent is a compact area and it can get musty or smelly after a single night of sleep. The chance of this only increases if you end up sweating during the night. During the day, leave your tent open for several hours to air it out. You may also want to keep your dirty clothes in a sealable bag, to help rid the area of excess odour.

#6 – Bring Comfortable Pillows

It is easy to forget pillows, when you have dozens of other items to remember to pack. Not only should you ensure to bring your pillows, bring comfortable pillows and use a thick sleeping bag. The less you have to feel the ground below you, the more relaxing your sleeping area will become.

#7 – Go to Bed Exhausted

If you are tired enough, you should have no trouble falling asleep, even if you do not have most comfortable sleeping arrangements. When you are camping, fill your day with activities to wear yourself out. This is also a good idea if you are camping with children. They may have more difficulty sleeping, if the situation is not perfect, so wear them down throughout the day.

Photo Credit : pixabay.com

Photo Credit : pixabay.com

Sleeping outdoors can be a lot of fun, especially when you are spending time with family or friends. If you follow basic camping safety rules and use the tips above, you will have no trouble falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest. If you are going to be sleeping outside, then make sure you remember these tips.

Enjoy a Good Night of Rest with 7 Tips for Sleeping Outdoors
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Enjoy a Good Night of Rest with 7 Tips for Sleeping Outdoors
Follow useful tips for sleeping outdoors to avoid tossing and turning all night the next time you are camping or gazing at stars in the backyard.