Light Up Your Camp Nights With THE Inflatable Solar Lantern!

When you go backpacking and set up your camp as evening sets in, it is natural to want some light. The outdoor isn’t exactly the most familiar of surroundings, and without some illumination to light your way, you are bound to be in trouble. Now, the easiest route that most people will surely take is to carry their own flashlights, and light a fire. But say you do not have the supplies you need to light a fire – why waste money on flashlights and other fuel? There is an easier, ecofriendly and cheaper option – and that is to get yourself an inflatable solar lantern!


But not just any solar lantern will do. If you want to carry it when you go backpacking or for any other outdoor trip, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration:

  • Size – you shouldn’t have to carry something bulky – that will affect your speed and take away some of the pleasure of the hike.
  • Weight – realistically speaking, the rest of your gear and supplies is already heavy, why add to that?
  • Reliability – naturally, if you will be depending on it for light in the middle of a dark night outdoors, you want each and every one to work!

And the one that is being presented to you here ensures all 3! So now, introducing the…

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

There are many different lanterns available that can be of use when backpacking. Some will be cell powered, others solar powered. But this one actually stands apart from all the rest. You must be wondering why… Well, let us set out these reasons one by one:

One time investment

With most other lanterns – the cell powered ones in particular – there is the recurrent cost of batteries. And when you are going to spend entire nights outdoor, expect to need quite a few batteries every night! And even if you do consider other hybrid lanterns that can take in energy from the sun, you’d still want to have them charged at home before you start – which will add to your utility bill. But with this one, you have a purely solar lantern – and the Sun’s energy is totally free!

And even as you save money on recharging it, you still get bright light from the 10 long lasting LEDs inside. The frosted finish of the cover only helps to diffuse the harshness of the light, making it easier on the eyes.

 Extremely convenient for carrying

The fact that the lantern is inflatable shows that you can easily fold it up to a flat disk. And any backpacker will know just how convenient that is! Since you can just deflate them for carrying, you can actually have multiple lanterns in your bags – without having to worry about the space they take up.

Also these lanterns are super light – and so the weight will not be a deterrent either. And the other big plus point is that the lanterns need not be fully inflated before lighting them. Even when they are just a little inflated, they give enough light. So even if you are, say, sheltering from the rain in a small space, and wouldn’t like your lantern to be too big – this can serve your purpose well. And guess what – it is also 100% waterproof – perfect for the outdoors!

And now let’s take a quick look at some of the reviews to see what people who bought it had to say about it:

  • Inflating it is so easy that even a child can do it! You just need to squeeze the plug, hold the top and the bottom and pull them apart. You can get it 85% inflated that way. The rest you just blow into it!
  • Left with the solar panels exposed to bright sunlight for the day, you can get it to last for about 7.5 to 8 hours!
  • And keeping it exposed to sunlight is also really easy, as you can just hang it over your backpack, with the solar panels facing outwards.
  • It provides so much light – you’ll be surprised.
  • And if you have a few of these handy around the house, and exposed to sunlight during the day – they can even be a life saver in case of a power cut!

And that’s not all – there are so many other good things people have had to say about these lanterns. Why don’t you see for yourself on Amazon?

And as for ordering it, if you are looking for free and reliable shipping, as well as excellent customer services – then Amazon is the only place to get it from!


MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

Till you have actually used one of these, you’ll never really be able to properly appreciate just how much you stand to gain from an inflatable solar lantern. And considering how inexpensive, yet convenient these really are – you really should get some soon!