Pick One Of These 3 Camp Kitchen Stoves For Proper Meals!

Just because you’re going camping or hiking doesn’t mean that you need to survive on merely trail mix or dehydrated meals and jerky! You can just as well cook proper meals when on the trail, just so long as you have wood that will burn. This is not only fun – but also a lot more comforting and healthy. But of course, one big problem is a stove that is portable and good. Well, we’re solving the problem with these 3 camp kitchen stoves that you can choose from.
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These stoves make it unnecessary to carry around fuel canisters and stove burners. Yes, you depend on the land, but most good and regular trails will offer you the needed dry wood and kindling. So with that decided, now check out your options…

#1: Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove
Wood-Burning-Backpacking-Stovebttn   This first one is the most expensive of the lot. But it is also the most recommended. In fact, the Backpacker’s Magazine actually adjudged this the No. 1, and recommended it strongly for all backpackers. It has also been endorsed by Matt Graham from Discovery channel, and has been awarded the Gear of the Year award in 2014.

A pretty impressive list of recommendations for this premium quality stainless steel stove. And of course super easy to carry with you.

The one great feature of this stove, which the other two lack, is the double walled structure. This allows for more effective burning of the wood, better and more uniform heating and also less smoke. And now to check out some snippets from the reviews:

  • The design is really effective, and most people found it easy to use.
  • No matter what you are using as fuel – pinecones, green stems, dried leaves or even bush – you still get a hot stove, just as with wood.
  • In addition to being super portable, it also holds up in really cold climates as well.

Check out the rest of the reviews for yourself before you choose though. But once you do – go with Amazon for the best deals!

Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Now we look at simpler models – also less expensive ones.

#2: Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove
Vargo-Titanium-Hexagon-Wood-Stovebttn   These stoves are made of top quality titanium which makes them highly durable and a good investment. Where the last stove was cylindrical in shape, this one is actually hexagonal. The hinged design makes it easy to pack for traveling, and the hinged opening also facilitates easy refueling.

As some people mentioned, it could also make for a convenient wind screen and serve as a support for your food container if you place a gas burner inside it.

But even otherwise, this one is shaped for utility. The design is tapering at the top – which focuses heat to the cooking, increasing efficiency. The base has got air holes which keep the fire ventilated and lit. And now for the reviews:

  • People thought that the way it folded up almost flat is a really nice touch.
  • The titanium also makes it quite light – which backpackers appreciate.
  • It produces a good amount of heat in a fairly short period of time – something hikers approve of, especially when it is cold.
Read through the full reviews here. And if this seems more to your taste, then go and check out the offers on Amazon now!

Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove

And finally our third pick – pricewise they are roughly the same. But the design differs.

#3: Emberlit Stainless Steel stove
 As you can tell from the picture, this one is actually made of stainless steel – and good quality steel too. That means it will be quite durable.

The other differences are the 4-sided design, instead of 6. Also, the sides have pre drilled holes which facilitate better burning of the fuel. This is something that some customers had customized in the earlier stove – but this one already comes with it. 

Also, do keep in mind, this one also folds up flat and is quite light. In addition to that, this stove actually comes with a lifetime warranty! So, shall we take a look at the reviews:

  • It supports the fire easily and you can easily have a bright flame going.
  • It assembles to form a very sturdy design – perfect for cooking even on the trail.
  • You can get a fire going with even just small twigs and kindling if you are in an area where collecting firewood is illegal!

Check out the rest of the reviews now. And once you have done that, order at Amazon for the best shipping and prices.

Emberlit Stainless Steel stove

And that was the last of our Camp kitchen ovens for you to choose from. Who doesn’t like a hot meal after a long hike? And with any of these, you can make that a reality. So choose wisely and be all set to go backpacking!

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